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David Lewis Gender Pay Gap Reporting April 2019


The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 requires David Lewis as a company that employs more than 250 people to publish specific information relating to gender pay gaps.  The results below relate to the 5th April 2019 during which there were 876 full pay relevant employees, 65% of whom were female and 35% male.  Note, occupations such as care where women are overrepresented typically produce lower pay gaps.

  1. Our mean gender pay gap was 1.9%
  2. Our median gender pay gap was -1.6%
  3. The proportion of males and females in each quartile band is:
Quartile Women Men
Upper (75-100%) 70% 30%
Upper middle (50-75%) 65% 35%
Lower middle (25-50%) 60% 40%
Lower (0-25%) 66% 34%


“As a company we are committed to ensuring that our staff are not discriminated against because of their gender. We never pay differential rates based on gender, only based on the job role itself.

Our results indicate that a lot of employees are concentrated around the same or similar rate of pay with no significant positive or negative percentage mean or median gender pay gap.

Females are more than proportionately represented in our upper pay quartile. Indeed 2 out of the 4 Directors are female.  2 out of 3 Registered Managers for our Care Services are female.  9 out of 12 Residential Managers in our Care Services are female. 


We continue to be committed to recruiting more male and female carers into David Lewis and will continue to recruit and promote based on merit.

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