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Residential Services

Our Residential Services

Independence in beautiful surroundings

Our adult residential services provide high-quality accommodation; we encourage people to develop their independence but our staff are always on hand if support is required.


Adult Residential Services

Our adult services support those with complex needs including learning disabilities, epilepsy and autism.

The care we offer is person-centred and adapted to each individual’s needs and the people using our services are heavily involved in determining what is right for them. Every person has a voice and we ensure that their voice is heard by training our staff to communicate in the person’s preferred method and language of communication, so that we can share information in a way that they can understand, giving them freedom to make their own decisions.

Through this approach, we can support people to take planned risks and work out what they can do safely. A full programme of activities is in place for each resident. This takes advantage of our outstanding facilities and allows time for learning, vocational training and preparation for employment, sport, recreation and relaxation. Our role is not merely to maintain the status quo, but to encourage and enable every person to develop and grow wherever they can.

Each person knows that they will be treated with dignity and respect in an environment that is welcoming, friendly, safe and secure.

Our residential homes are located both at our Warford site and in community locations throughout Cheshire, with our residents coming from across the UK. We ensure that a potential new resident will be happy with us through a structured placement process and it is important that any resident has a peer group so that they can socialise with like-minded individuals, avoiding the risk of isolation.

How to apply

For more information, please contact our Director of Adult Residential & Day Opportunities Simon Messenger on 01565 640178 or via our email contact form below.

Our Homes

Warford Site

Our Warford homes offer a mixture of ground floor accommodation and two storey buildings and we can offer single or multiple occupancy. The homes are modern, spacious and finished to a high standard.

Our objective is to create a homely atmosphere and to help achieve this, the kitchen and dining area is at the heart of each home. The communal space enables residents and staff to cook and eat together and encourages interaction, friendship and a sense of community.

Each resident has their own bedroom which can be adapted to their specific needs and decorated to their tastes. There are a number of en-suite rooms, bathrooms or wet rooms.

David Lewis Residential Services

Surrounding the accommodation, there are gardens providing plenty of space for outdoor activities in a safe environment. Residents can help with the gardening, looking after the flower beds and vegetable plots and enjoy the outdoor sensory areas. In the summer, the gardens provide a venue for barbecues and socialising.

Our Warford homes comply fully with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

If you have an interest in our adult residential services, you can find details of the placement process here, or feel free to contact our Director of Adult Residential & Day Opportunities Simon Messenger on 01565 640178 or via our email contact form below. 

Community Housing

Our community homes are based at a range of locations in Cheshire and offer a mix of single flats and individual bedrooms. As with our Warford accommodation, all homes are finished to a high standard and have been chosen for their location, facilities and local amenities.

Our community homes also comply fully with the requirements of the Care Quality Commission.

If you have an interest in our adult residential services, you can find details of the placement process here, or feel free to contact us on 01565 640179 or via our email contact form.

The Residential Placement Process

We have a structured, five step approach to residential placement to ensure that we are a good match to a potential resident’s needs and that the transition to their new home is made as smooth as possible:

Step 1 – Visit & Referral

Following initial contact by a parent, carer or social worker, a formal referral will be made by the individual’s care manager and a visit to the individual’s current living environment will be arranged.

Step 2 – Assessment

A free, in-depth assessment is undertaken to see if the individual’s needs can be met by David Lewis.

The assessment is usually carried out where the person is residing at the time.

Parents/carers and other relevant parties are included and involved in the assessment process.

A placement is offered if David Lewis is confident that the individual can be supported and their needs can be met. Where input is required from medical and therapy teams, a multi-disciplinary meeting will be held.

Step 3 – Placement

The decision to agree a placement rests with the care manager and associated Local Authority.

Once the Local Authority approves funding, the individual/parents/carers are in a position to accept the offer from David Lewis.

Step 4 – Transition

Detailed planning commences, based upon the outcome of Step 2 (assessment).

A key worker is identified.

David Lewis staff visit the new resident in their current home.

The new resident visits their new home to get to know the surroundings.

If new procedures or services are required, training programmes are developed for key workers and fellow staff.

Any building alterations are undertaken and any specialist equipment is ordered and installed.

The individual moves in and settles into their new home.

Step 5 – Ongoing Support & Review

A six-week review will be held with all relevant parties to monitor progress and highlight any necessary changes.

Further reviews take place every six months.


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