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Top Farm

My son loves going to the farm at David Lewis
and still looks forward to his days there just as much as he did when he started over 10 years ago.”

Top Farm

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  • Animal & Poultry care
  • Pony & Donkey (Grooming & Exercise)
  • Reptile and Mammal care
  • Aquatics

We actively aim for our animals to live in the most natural way possible, and only intervene where there is a health issue that we need to help with.

Our animals are kept in such a way that encourages their natural behaviours and offers them enrichment. We make sure that they have fresh water daily, and that they are fed a varied, appropriate diet. They are checked daily for any signs of ill health and we only use medicines or antibiotics when they are required, under the instructions of a vet. 

We aim to minimise stress on our animals and adhere to the five needs.

“My son loves going to the farm at David Lewis and still looks forward to his days there just as much as he did when he started over 10 years ago.  For him, cleaning out, feeding and caring for the animals brings a lovely sense of calm and purpose into his world and being there is important to him. The staff are knowledgeable and very supportive, the facilities are well cared for and clean and there is always a lovely atmosphere, plenty of fun and a nice respect between staff and clients while all the work is done. It is a wonderful place. Thank you for making it what it is.” B Rowland (parent)


“My son has attended Top Farm for 8 years and has such varied daily experiences, which he loves. It is a fantastic environment in which to work.

The social interaction with a variety of people in different situations at the farm, is very important to him.

The staff have the clients’ needs at the heart of every aspect of the working day. They all show such kindness, care and understanding towards them, which is vital to allow the best experiences to be had.

They help my son to feel comfortable, so that he can really progress, gain in confidence and feel that what he does is of real worth. He also feels part of the group which is very important.

He looks forward to going to Top Farm every day to spend his time in such a positive environment.” K McBride (parent) 

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