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At David Lewis we are committed to supporting young people to prepare for their future and achieve the best possible outcomes. For some this will mean opportunities to undertake work experience and progress to supported employment.

We have lasting partnerships with both local and national companies including Tesco, Oxfam, Booths and most recently a local NHS trust and leading hotel chain, Q Hotels. These employers offer learners real life opportunities to access the working world and develop the skills and confidence they need to make real life choices about their future.

Our inclusive work experience programme is offered to ALL our students. As well as in the community we have a wealth of work experience opportunities on campus, from running the snack trolley and working in the shop and café’s around the site to working with the animals and gardening at Top Farm all these work places offer the familiarity of environment and a safe place to develop communication and social interaction skills.

We are proud to have developed strong links with a multi- national retailer like Tesco. Tesco supported Deborah to develop the skills she needed to make a successful transition to a supported employment programme when she left David Lewis College.

Developing communication skills is a very important part of work experience. As the college “Post Man” Luke meets a lot of different people as he goes about his job on the David Lewis campus.

Jack wanted to improve his literacy and numeracy skills. Undertaking work experience at the David Lewis shop has allowed Jack to become more confident in his own ability and now Jack is now attending a main stream college on a part time basis as well as coming to David Lewis to continue developing his skills for future employment.

Leon is able to practise his money skills and ability to interact with a variety of people during his job on the snack round. Leon is a happy young man and being able to chat to a people is a great way to develop essential skills for independence and the future.

Responsible gambling

If you would like more information on responsible gambling, there are some websites you can visit:

Or you can contact the gambling support network, GamCare, confidentially on 0808 802 0133.

David Lewis does not promote the lottery to children under the age of 18. David Lewis has implemented the following procedures to prevent children under the age of 18 years old taking part in the lottery:

  • The minimum age for play is detailed on our website
  • Children under the age of 18 are flagged on our database
  • Where possible we check our database to ensure persons are above the legal age limit before data is supplied for the use of a lottery.