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Give in

Your presents can be powerful. Use your birthday or anniversary to help people live remarkable lives. 

Donate your celebration

Celebrate your wedding or anniversary by asking friends and family to make a donation to David Lewis instead of buying gifts.

More and more people are using a special occasion as a way to fundraise for their favourite charity. Instead of opening presents, you can open up opportunities, a different and selfless way to help people with complex needs. 

All money raised in honour of your special day will help fund our ongoing work at David Lewis – learn more about how we use donations here

Donate your celebration

It couldn’t be easier to get started – click here to set up your very own celebratory fundraising page. In just minutes you can personalise your page, then start sharing the link so your loved ones can donate to your special celebration quickly and easily.

Or if you simply wish to donate in recognition of a special celebration of your own this year then please click the ‘Donate’ button at the top right of this page.

Dedicate your birthday

Simply set up your birthday fundraiser on Facebook or Enthuse and get sharing with your friends and family. When starting a charity fundraiser on Facebook, 100% of the money raised will go to your chosen charity.

Need some help? Simple steps for your Facebook fundraiser

  1. Log in to your Facebook.
  2. Select ‘create fundraiser’ in the menu to the right.
  3. Facebook will provide a box to select your chosen charity, type and select David Lewis Centre.
  4. A pop up will allow you to fill in the key details – set a target, an end date and give some info about why you’re raising money. Facebook will also suggest phrases for you to use.
  5. You’ll finally be asked to choose an image for your fundraiser– and you will be shown pictures David Lewis has used before – pick your favourite, and then click ‘Create’.
  6. Once you click ‘create’ you will see a message congratulating you on setting up your fundraiser.
  7. Now you can invite your friends and family to donate and share your fundraiser in your News Feed. Thank you!

When your fundraiser ends, David Lewis will receive the funds you have raised straight from Facebook.

“I had a big party for my 60th birthday and asked all the guests to donate to my Facebook Birthday fundraiser instead of bringing a present. Everyone was so generous and it felt great that I was helping people like my son at the same time as having a great party!”

Keep in touch!

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Please sign up using this form and we’ll keep you updated.

Responsible gambling

If you would like more information on responsible gambling, there are some websites you can visit:

Or you can contact the gambling support network, GamCare, confidentially on 0808 802 0133.

David Lewis does not promote the lottery to children under the age of 18. David Lewis has implemented the following procedures to prevent children under the age of 18 years old taking part in the lottery:

  • The minimum age for play is detailed on our website
  • Children under the age of 18 are flagged on our database
  • Where possible we check our database to ensure persons are above the legal age limit before data is supplied for the use of a lottery.