John Heritage, Chief Exec of David Lewis & Viscount Ashbrook, Patron of David Lewis

David Lewis Local is a small shop on the charities site that provides work experience and independence for people they support. On the 30th of June a Patron of David Lewis, The Viscount Ashbrook cut the ribbon officially opening David Lewis Local alongside service users.

Lord Ashbrook commented, “As one of the Patrons of David Lewis I’m really pleased to be here today to re-open the David Lewis Shop, something I know that has been really missed over the last couple of years by everyone, it’s been wonderful to spend time with the team at David Lewis and meet some of the people they support.”

According to David Lewis, opportunities like this provide individuals to develop social, practical, and vocational work skills. Intended to help develop a person’s knowledge, skills, and understanding. As well as increase independence and provide the chance to be part of a team in a supportive environment, whilst feeling valued and having fun.

The High Sheriff of Cheshire, Jeannie France-Hayhurst in company with support users opened the swimming facilities on the 19th of July. She said “Where ever you look there’s smiles on everyone’s face. Despite today’s heat, which I know can wipe the smile off a lot of peoples faces, it hasn’t here. It’s a beautiful place, and I’m sure it’s a lovely place to work.

This pool is going to give people so much pleasure, and so much benefit to the people who are going to use it. So, I’m very happy to unveil it and declare it as open!”

This facility includes a pool which is heated and 14m long. The charity also has a hydrotherapy pool which is used by the physiotherapy team this allows the people they support to exercise safely. Sensory lighting and sound equipment, add an element of excitement or relaxation to any swimming session.

John Heritage, Chief Executive of David Lewis said, “I want to thank everyone who made re-opening possible, our team works so hard to give independence and support to people with passion and quality.

“Using person centred approaches, we encourage people to use our facilities as a place for enjoyment, providing a service that is not only fun but gives the opportunity to grow, develop new skills and build confidence.”

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