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Create an ‘In Memoriam’ Fund

We appreciate your thinking of us at this difficult time; your support makes a huge difference to David Lewis, our projects and most importantly, to the people who benefit from our services.

An ‘in memoriam’ fund gives friends, family and colleagues an opportunity to raise funds in the name of their loved one and to help David Lewis very directly.  Raising money in someone’s memory is a specific and positive way to celebrate their life.

You can create a tribute page on JustGiving, where you can tell the full story of the person you are remembering, using words and photographs and giving everyone the chance to share stories, thoughts and memories.  Your friends and family can give to your page easily, safely and securely, wherever they are, whenever they would like.

Alternatively, you can make a donation in someone’s memory online or by post and ask us to establish a memory fund for you.

For more information, please contact Nicky Downes on 01565 640003 or via our contact form.

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