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The Residential Placement Process

We have a structured, five step approach to residential placement to ensure that we are a good match to a potential resident’s needs and that the transition to their new home is made as smooth as possible:

Step 1 – Visit & Referral

  • Following initial contact by a parent, carer or social worker, a formal referral will be made by the individual’s care manager and a visit to the individual’s current living environment will be arranged.

Step 2 – Assessment

  • A free, in-depth assessment is undertaken to see if the individual’s needs can be met by David Lewis.
  • The assessment is usually carried out where the person is residing at the time.
  • Parents/carers and other relevant parties are included and involved in the assessment process.
  • A placement is offered if David Lewis is confident that the individual can be supported and their needs can be met.  Where input is required from medical and therapy teams, a multi-disciplinary meeting will be held.

Step 3 – Placement

  • The decision to agree a placement rests with the care manager and associated Local Authority.
  • Once the Local Authority approves funding, the individual/parents/carers are in a position to accept the offer from David Lewis.

Step 4 – Transition

  • Detailed planning commences, based upon the outcome of Step 2 (assessment).
  • A key worker is identified.
  • David Lewis staff visit the new resident in their current home.
  • The new resident visits their new home to get to know the surroundings.
  • If new procedures or services are required, training programmes are developed for key workers and fellow staff.
  • Any building alterations are undertaken and any specialist equipment is ordered and installed.
  • The individual moves in and settles into their new home.

Step 5 – Ongoing Support & Review

  • A six-week review will be held with all relevant parties to monitor progress and highlight any necessary changes.
  • Further reviews take place every six months.

For more information, please contact our Admissions Manager Gilly Godwin on 01565 640162 or via our email contact form.

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