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Meet the Trustees

Stephen Devlin, Chair

Stephen retired from his role as a senior partner from a firm of solicitors in recent years. He is a member of the Law Society and recently he has been appointed to the role of Deputy District Judge.
Stephen became a David Lewis Trustee in December 2014 and served as Chair of the Governance Committee until September 2021 when he then assumed the Chair of the Trustee Board.

Darren Karl Cornwall, Vice-Chair

Darren is a certified accountant who has spent his career to date working as a Finance Director predominantly with fast growing companies in a range of business sectors in the UK and overseas. He is an experienced and commercially-minded advisor to entrepreneurial and growing businesses.
He has been working with David Lewis as a Trustee since late 2016, is Chair of the Finance Committee and current Vice-Chair of the Trustee Board.

George Devlin

Until his retirement in 2011 George worked for Manchester City Council as Head of Workforce Development. Since his retirement he has continued to develop his interest in all areas of health, social care, education and community development.

George became a Trustee of David Lewis in April 2016 and serves as a member of the Education Committee.

He was recently appointed as the Lay Member for Patient and Public Participation on Trafford CCG Governing Body, is chair of governors in two Trafford schools and is active in a range of other roles in Trafford and Manchester.

Originally from Glasgow, George and his family have lived in Trafford since 1993 – he and his wife have four children and five grandchildren.

Alistair Hollows

Alistair is a Chartered Accountant who runs a management and risk consultancy for wealth management companies. He worked for KPMG in Africa and Canada before returning to the UK taking up a regulatory role with his professional body (ICAEW) which led to working in the Financial Services Sector.

He joined the Board of Trustees in January 2018 and is also a member of the Finance and the Education Committees.

He is on the Audit and Risk Committee of Torus Housing Group, is Non-Executive Director of a football agency and on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Professional Excellence at Manchester Metropolitan University. He is a past President of the Manchester Society of Chartered Accountants and past National Council Member of the ICAEW.

His sister-in-law lives in sheltered housing in Trafford and is a long-term service user of Stockdales.

Linda Feerick

For the past 15 years Linda has been a Business Coach, working with senior leaders and teams to support them in their roles. She is also a Partner at Alliance Coaching and was previously an Honorary Teaching Fellow at Lancaster University.

Linda joined David Lewis as a Trustee in December 2017 and is currently the Chair of the Education Committee. Her favourite part of the role is the visits to the various departments, where she gets to see first hand what goes into delivering the best care for our people.

In addition to her Trustee role, Linda also supports various charities on an ad hoc basis, including having completed Oxfam TrailTrekker in 2013, working pro bono with her local Hospice and supporting young people starting their own business.

Born in Rochdale, married with two adult children Linda likes to travel (recent highlights include India, Easter Island and Australia). Her three favourite pieces of advice are: you get what you tolerate; kick every ball that comes your way; you can’t get everyone to like you.

Geoff Loughlin

Geoff has worked for many years in senior positions in the Housing sector, most recently as Executive Director of Wulvern Housing in Crewe. Geoff joined David Lewis as a Trustee and Governance Committee member in early 2018. He previously completed the maximum nine year term as a non-Executive Director and Trustee of New Charter Housing Trust. At New Charter, Geoff was a member of the Group Board and Chair of the NC Homes and Aksa subsidiary Board.

For the past few years, he has been self-employed on a part time basis, providing coaching and mentoring services to Boards, Exec Directors and Senior Managers in the Housing and Charity sectors.
Geoff is currently Chair of the Governance Committee.

Susan Tebby-Lees

Susan is a practicing GMC registered NHS Consultant Radiologist working at Macclesfield Hospital. She has 32 year’s experience as an NHS doctor and has specialised in radiology since 1992. Susan is also a strong advocate for postgraduate education and professional development as Director of Medical Education for Macclesfield Hospital.

Susan joined David Lewis as a Trustee in January 2019 and is delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in such a highly reputable charitable organisation. Susan hopes to be able to add value by virtue of her background and looks forward to her journey with David Lewis.

David Hole

David joined David Lewis in January 2021 and currently serves as a Governance Committee member. David’s full profile will follow shortly.

Trustees – Overall Purpose

The Trustee Board has ultimate legal responsibility under the David Lewis Centre’s governing documents for determining the aims, policies and plans of the charity. It looks to the Chief Executive to help formulate and then to implement them. The Board has adopted the Code of Good Governance for the voluntary and community sector.

Main Responsibilities

Trustees, in their capacity both as trustees and as directors of the company, are responsible for directing the affairs of the charity, in accordance with the principles of good governance, including:-

  • ensuring compliance with the law and the charity’s governing documents
  • ensuring compliance with the requirements of the statutory bodies or organisations which regulate the workings of the charity
  • identifying the risks arising from the activities undertaken, and ensuring the identified risks are managed
  • ensuring the safeguarding of service users
  • ensuring that the charity is both solvent and delivering the charitable outcomes for the benefit of those for whom it was set up
  • preserving the reputation of the charity
  • formulating and regularly reviewing the strategic aims of the charity and
  • appointing the Chief Executive


In carrying out their role, Trustees are required:-

  • to act reasonably and prudently in all matters relating to the charity and need always to bear in mind that their prime concern is the interests of the charity
  • to act with integrity, with no personal conflict of interest, and maintaining confidentiality
  • to comply with a duty of care, using personal skills and experience to the best use of the charity
  • to ensure a good working relationship with the Chief Executive and the charity’s staff
  • to accept joint responsibility for the decisions of the Board
  • to develop an effective knowledge of the workings of the Centre
  • to attend meetings regularly, ensuring they prepare for and contribute effectively and appropriately
  • to take part in any training sessions provided for the benefit of the Trustees

Trustees may not be paid but may be reimbursed out of pocket expenses.

Role of Committees

Finance Committee

Aims of the Finance committee:

  1. To monitor the financial aspects of the Trust’s business, including its annual budgets and strategic plans.
  2. To ensure that adequate financial controls are in place and that David Lewis operates within the legal and financial guidelines set out in current legislation as well as its own financial policies and procedures
  3. To provide help and guidance to the CEO and FD but not to be involved in the daily management activity of David Lewis’ finance matters

The Finance Committee currently comprises Darren Cornwall (Chair), Alastair Imrie and Alistair Hollows. It meets 6 times per annum bi-monthly and is on hand to guide and consult on financial matters throughout the year.

Governance Committee

Aims of the Governance committee:

  1. To regularly monitor the activities of the Trust to ensure the protection of the Trust’s mission and values and the probity of its operations.
  2. To monitor the systems in place to ensure compliance by the Trust with all relevant legislation and regulatory requirements and good practice.
  3. To provide recommendations to the Board on matters relating to the membership of the Board and Board Committees, and the appointment of the Chief Executive.
  4. To approve the terms and conditions of the Chief Executive and the Executive Team.

The Governance Committee currently comprises Stephen Devlin (Chair), Alastair Imrie and Geoff Loughlin. It meets a minimum of 4 times per annum and is on hand to guide and consult on governance matters throughout the year.

Education Committee (College and School Governors)

The roles, objectives and responsibilities of the Governors are set out in the College and School Instrument and Articles of Governance, and reviewed every 3 years.

  1. Monitoring the performance of the College & School especially with regard to student retention, achievement, progression and outcome, the quality of teaching and learning and the quality and range of provision
  2. Monitoring the quality of residential provision, standard of care and support for students, for which the Head of Care of the David Lewis Centre will have primary operational responsibility
  3. Monitoring compliance by the College & School with statutory requirements and policies on equality and diversity ensuring so far as possible that the Board of Directors has regard to the needs of both in the provision of finance, staff and other facilities for the benefit of the students in both the College & School
  4. Monitoring the management and financial performance of the College & School including compliance by both with the proper requirements of funding bodies
  5. Monitoring compliance by the College & School with any applicable written policies, directions, and procedures of the David Lewis Centre including (without limitation) policies with regard to health and safety, student welfare, care and medical standards, employment of staff, security, and equality of opportunity
  6. Ensuring that the School & College have in place appropriate written policies and procedures for effective management and that these are regularly reviewed
  7. Ensuring measurement and monitoring of key performance indicators.
  8. Monitoring complaints

The Education Committee currently comprises Roisin Beressi (Chair), Linda Feerick (Vice Chair) and George Devlin (Safeguarding Lead) together with parent and teacher governors. It meets a minimum of 3 times per annum and is on hand to guide and consult on educational governance and strategic matters throughout the year.