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Daytime Social and Leisure Activities: JD’s

“JD’s is a place to meet people who you don’t live with every day. It’s a place to learn from each other and for staff to learn from us. It’s a place to speak up for yourself” – Pat 

JD’s prides itself on offering something for everyone.  Activities are varied and include opportunities to:

  • Use the computers to improve typing skills, send emails, browse the internet or access one of the many online education programmes that are available.
  • Participate in a regular activity such as swimming, drama, music, trampolining, sports, art, crafts, horse riding and bowling.
  • Try out the potter’s wheel, join in a cookery session or enjoy a trip out on the bus, bike riding, to a local park or walking in nearby Macclesfield Forest.
  • Enjoy the multi-sensory environment.
  • Simply relax in the sun lounge, out in the sensory garden or the lounge area, joining in with conversations, discussions and games.
JD's 345 x 250

To find out more, please contact our Head of Day Services Donna Ogden on 01565 640165 or email us using our contact form.

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