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Case Study – Robert at Eduprint

Robert was referred to Day Services at David Lewis by his social care assessor.  Until the referral, Robert was spending his time at home; the majority of his time he was with his family but he was socially isolating himself.

Robert lives in Macclesfield and has an interest in computers and design.  A home visit was arranged with the David Lewis Day Services Manager who suggested that working in Eduprint might be an option for Robert and a trial visit was arranged.

Robert’s mother supported him by accompanying him to and from Eduprint in Macclesfield Town Centre.  Robert was able to spend a few hours at Eduprint meeting the team and learning about the roles and activities.

Robert enjoyed his time there and has chosen to go to Eduprint regularly each week.  Robert is settled into a work routine, walks to and from Eduprint with his mother but happily remains there on his own and helps with updating the website and designing flyers and cards for customers.  Robert works as a member of a small team and has made new friends; the environment is busy but quiet which suits Robert and he is using his computer skills.

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