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Staff Training

The quality of our people is fundamental to the quality of the services that we deliver.  This is why we place such importance on the initial training of our staff and why we support their continuing development over time.

ITraining 345 x 240n the first instance, we recruit people with the right attitude and the desire and enthusiasm to make a difference.  We build upon that foundation by providing seventeen days of induction training for care workers, including a period of work shadowing.  In subsequent years, staff receive seven to eight days of additional training in each year to ensure that their skills remain current.  As we are working with vulnerable young people and adults, part of that training addresses the topic of safeguarding.

We supplement formal training with a system of regular supervision and performance appraisal and ensure effective communication within and between teams.

We encourage staff feedback and value and act upon it as part of a culture that actively encourages continuous learning and development.

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